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10 January 2019

Reading Ahead 2018-19 materials and how to use them

This describes the print and downloadable materials available for running Reading Ahead with some ideas about how to use them.

10 January 2019

How to run Reading Ahead 2018-19

Here is an overview of how to run Reading Ahead 2018-19 with information on preparing for launch and tips for keeping up the momentum. It includes useful web links and deadlines for the programme.

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing in prison materials pack

This is a pack of guidance for anyone wanting to run a creative writing workshop with prisoners whose first language is not English. It includes a powerpoint, notes for workshop leaders, guidance for workshop assistants and several handouts for...

07 November 2018

Creative activities for using with Reading Ahead for prisoners with ESOL

These seven documents provide a wide range of activities for using alongside Reading Ahead for prisoners with English as a Second Language or Additional Language. They have been created by David Kendall as part of a project funded by...

09 August 2018

Prisons - How to run Reading Ahead 2018-19

We have adapted our general guidance to make it more specific for use in prisons.

08 August 2018

Key Dates Planner 2018-19

You can use this Word document as a flexible template to record your own planning in addition to the key dates in the reading calendar that can be used as hooks to keep up the momentum.

06 August 2018

Reading Ahead 2018-19 Record Sheet for Partner Organisations and Practitioners

This is a NEW template designed to help organisers collect data from partners in their own organisations and in external organisations. Please adapt it to suit your purposes and give it to partners when they start running Reading Ahead. Our...

06 August 2018

Reading Ahead 2018-19 Participation Record

This is a template for your own record-keeping. Please adapt it to collect the information you need. Our deadline for data return is 8 July 2019.

06 August 2018

Darllen Ymlaen 2019-19 Furflen Gofrestru

Furflen Gofrestru

12 October 2017

Guidance to support reading for pleasure for prisoners with ESOL

This is a document compiled by Jenny Roden and Celine Castelino from NATECLA (National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults) to accompany their list of book recommendations for people learning English as a Second or Additional Language...

08 September 2017

Reading Ahead 2017-18 prison advocacy leaflet

Here is a one-pager about Reading Ahead in prisons with endorsements from participants and organisers in prisons for you to use when putting the case for the programme. It’s not intended for use with prisoners themselves.

29 January 2016

Reading for Pleasure and Reading Circles for Adult Emergent Readers

Reading for Pleasure and Reading Circles for Adult Emergent Readers aims to provide practical tips and things to think about for anyone interested in running a reading group of any kind – librarians, community workers, teachers and non-teachers, including anyone...

29 October 2015

Books for emergent readers

Our Find a Read database contains hundreds of books from mainstream and specialist publishers that have been assessed for readability. Also attached here is a list of publishers, their websites and the levels they cater for.

27 October 2015

Reading Ahead case studies and tips

Please use these links to see a range of examples of how Reading Ahead is run in different settings and the impact it has on individual participants.

20 October 2015

Read Anytime Anywhere

Download this new booklet from UNISON’s Inclusive Learning Project packed with ideas about how to run Reading Ahead in workplaces.

16 September 2015

Supporting adults with literacy

A short introduction on how to help adults with literacy difficulties.