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17 May 2019

Space Chase Schools Pack

Keep your pupils reading this summer with Space Chase, the Summer Reading Challenge 2019! The Summer Reading Challenge takes place over the summer holidays in libraries throughout the UK. Developed by charity The Reading Agency, in partnership with the UK public...

17 May 2019

Space Chase templates for school newsletters

These helpful templates can be added to school newsletters sent home to families, or displayed on your school website. Use the text provided or fill the frame with your own message to encourage families to visit the library and sign their...

15 May 2019

Summer Reading Challenge Volunteering Poster

Promote summer volunteering opportunities in your library with this colourful promotional poster. This download includes English and Welsh bilingual posters. Please note: this is a locked resource for library authorities participating in the Summer Reading Challenge 2019. Libraries should contact their local...

14 May 2019

Reading Friends welcome guide for one-to-one participants

A brief information sheet to give to Reading Friends participants receiving one-to-one visits.

14 May 2019

Reading Friends 'why volunteer?' information sheet

A quick information sheet highlighting the benefits of volunteering with Reading Friends.

10 May 2019

Reading Friends group session tips

Hints and tips for running a great Reading Friends session.

10 May 2019

Reading Friends volunteer role description template

Key information about Reading Friends volunteer roles, inc. skills and commitments necessary.

03 May 2019

Reading Friends photo consent form

Consent forms for any images you take of Reading Friends activities.

03 May 2019

Reading Friends communications calendar 2019

Lots of useful dates to help theme sessions , inspire activities and promote Reading Friends.

25 April 2019

Space Chase: A Guide to the Core Pack and Characters

This resource is for library authorities running Space Chase. It introduces all the main characters and explains how the core pack and collector stickers go together. Download this guide to share with library staff and volunteers running the Challenge. This guide is...

22 April 2019

Summer Volunteering Recruitment Toolkit

Resources to support libraries recruiting young volunteers for the summer holidays and year-round. This pack includes: an advocacy card to share with schools, key stakeholders and across the library service a volunteer recruitment guide a promotional poster with space to add local...

18 April 2019

Dementia Action Week 2019: a library toolkit

A library toolkit containing ideas for Reading Well displays, events and online and social media activity around Dementia Action Week 2019 (20-26 May).

18 April 2019

Space Chase author/illustrator events

Authors and illustrators with titles in the Space Chase book collection have shared their availability for library events this summer. This resource will be updated as we receive more responses. Please note: this is a locked resource for library authorities participating in...

06 April 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: library toolkit

A library toolkit containing ideas for Reading Well displays, events and online and social media activity around Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13-19 May).

03 April 2019

World Book Night 2019 Activity Toolkit

However you’re getting involved, and whether you’re taking part as an organisation or an individual, we’ve gathered together some ideas in this pack. They include tips on giving books, running your own events, promoting World Book Night by creating displays...

03 April 2019

Fundraising toolkit

By adding a fundraising element to your World Book Night event, you can help us to continue to get more people reading. This toolkit contains ideas, tips and resources for any kind of fundraising event.

23 March 2019

How to Rob a Bank by Tom Mitchell - Teaching Notes

Some people rob banks because they’re greedy. Others enjoy the adrenalin rush. Me? I robbed a bank because of guilt. Specifically: guilt and a Nepalese scented candle… When fifteen-year-old Dylan accidentally burns down the house of the girl he’s trying to...

21 March 2019

She Wolf by Dan Smith - Teachers' Notes

Northumbria, 866. Washed ashore on a frozen English beach, Ylva’s survived. She will not cry. She’s meant to be strong. She’s a Viking. But when her mother dies at the hand of a three-fingered man, and the wolves of the forest...

12 March 2019

The Boy Who Flew by Fleur Hitchcock - Resource pack

About the book Athan Wilde dreams of flight. When his friend, Mr Chen, is murdered, Athan must rescue the flying machine they were building together and stop it falling into the wrong hands. But keeping the machine safe puts his family...

12 March 2019

Hugs and Kisses by Sam Hay and Emma Dodd - Activity Pack

There are two sides to every story… Flip the book to read each side of the story in this enchanting tale of a whale and an octopus on their search for love, ending with a huge pop-up surprise. Big Blue Whale is...

11 March 2019

Get involved - health libraries

A document containing information on how to run Reading Well in health libraries.

06 March 2019

Hat Tricks by Satoshi Kitamura - Story Play Notes

About the book Meet Hattie the Magician – she may be little but she is a born performer! Hattie conjures an amazing succession of animals out of her hat, and for a grand finale produces a wonderful habitat where they can all...

04 March 2019

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne - Teacher Notes

For 25 years, Eileen Browne’s beautiful modern classic Handa’s Surprise has delighted the very youngest of readers who long to tell Handa what is happening right behind her. Brimming with mouth-watering fruit and wild animals, this picture book favourite, along...

04 March 2019

The Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler - a KS2 Resource Pack

Hachette Children’s Group have created a fantastic Resource Pack based around The Emily Windsnap series. It’s time to dive deep into a world beneath the waves: a magical world of mermaids, fun, friendship and adventure. This Resource Pack is designed to...

28 February 2019

Setting up a youth volunteering offer

A guide to starting a youth volunteering offer from scratch, either during the Summer Reading Challenge or year-round. This pack will be useful to libraries that want to start working with young volunteers in a sustainable way. This pack covers the...

28 February 2019

Summer Volunteering Training Toolkit

Resources to support libraries in training young volunteers during the Summer Reading Challenge and year-round. This pack includes: a training presentation for young people, a training guide for library staff, a guide to using a volunteering guide for young people, a sample volunteer agreement form

05 February 2019

Using the Reading Hack Website

A simple guide to navigating our young people’s website, This guide includes how to create a profile, join a hack, log volunteering hours, and download a skills letter. It can be used by library staff or young people.

04 February 2019

Get involved in Reading Well - schools, colleges & universities

A document containing information on how to run Reading Well in school, college and university settings.

28 January 2019

Girl With a Pearl Earring Book Club Questions

Johannes Vermeer can spot exceptional beauty. When servant girl Griet catches his eye, she soon becomes both student and muse. But then he gives her his wife’s pearl earrings to wear for a portrait, and a scandal erupts that could...

28 January 2019

Time To Talk Day 2019 toolkit

A toolkit containing ideas for library displays as well as online and social media activity around Time To Talk Day 2019. It focuses on promoting the Reading Well book collections as a practical resource for helping people to understand and manage common...