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24 February 2020

Reading Ahead evaluation report 2018-19

Please use and share our evaluation report to demonstrate the impact of the programme.

02 December 2019

Making Reading Ahead work for prisoners with ESOL

This four-page leaflet draws together the findings, practical tips and creative tools from our three-year project to support prisoners with ESOL funded by The Bell Foundation. Please scroll down this resources page to find other downloadable items.

17 October 2019

Guide to running Reading Ahead 2019-20

This is a comprehensive guide to running Reading Ahead which explains how the programme works, some best practice case studies, key contacts and how we evaluate the programme. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

06 September 2019

Reading Ahead best practice and participant case studies 2019

Please use this link to see our best practice case studies from practitioners around the country. If you’re looking for some inspiration or to illustrate the impact of your work, we also have participant case studies with new readers sharing...

02 November 2018

A Society of Readers - executive summary

A new report that we commissioned from leading independent think tank Demos lays out the central role reading must play in helping to address many of the most pressing challenges British society will face over the next decade. Read the...

02 November 2018

A Society of Readers

A new report lays out the central role reading must play in helping to address many of the most pressing challenges British society will face over the next decade. Read the full report and share your thoughts on Twitter and...

26 September 2018

Reading Ahead 2017-18 Roll of honour

Reading Ahead reached 38,500 young people and adults in 2017-18: 18,500 through learning providers such as further education and sixth form colleges, 12,000 in prisons, 6,500 through public libraries and 1500 in workplaces. This year 68 organisations have helped 50 or...

03 October 2017

Boosting achievement with Reading Ahead

Here are five examples of how Reading Ahead has been used with a range of learners in colleges and adult and community learning. These were commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation.

10 April 2017

Reading Well - library case study template

A template to support local library authorities to develop and share case studies for promotion, advocacy and best practice sharing purposes.

14 April 2016

Commissioning guidelines - Reading Well for young people

This document provides information about Reading Well for young people for health commissioners. It includes case studies showing how libraries can work with public health to deliver the scheme.

13 January 2016

Case Study: Wilton and Barford Primary School - Wiltshire Family Learning Quick Reads Project

Our small rural primary school near Salisbury had been hosting a successful Family Learning Storybox programme. The families were invited to join up with the Quick Reads Reading Group to keep the families on board with their own and their...

13 January 2016

ESOL reading group case study

The ESOL reading group was set up to promote extensive reading amongst ESOL learners and provide a bridge to the independent selection of reading matter and into, or back into, more formal learning. It was prompted and supported by the offer of...

13 January 2016

Case Study: Harlington Quick Reads group (aka Geek Club!)

16 different people attend regularly – a mixture of ESOL learners and literacy learners. None of the group were readers before the sessions started. One member had never read a whole book. The group meets weekly, term-time only.

13 January 2016

Case Study: ESOL Reading Group (Deepcut)

The reading group started in April 2011 and comprises of 10 learners, all of whom are ESOL learners. Six are military guards, two are wives of German military personnel seconded to the British Army, one is a Tunisian army chef...

13 January 2016

Case Study: Starbucks Readers, Essex Libraries/Braintree Library.

The group is made up of 1 man and 12 women in their late 30s and over 70s and is run flexibly, where members can join or leave at any time. Members come from a broad range of countries eg...

23 September 2015

Case study - St George's RC School, Coventry

A Chatterbooks group was set up in St Gregory’s RC School in Coventry, to encourage children who were struggling with reading, and the results were positive not only in terms of reading attitudes but in improving confidence levels.

23 September 2015

Chatterbooks in South Tyneside

A Chatterbooks group called Reading Champions has been set up in Central Library, South Shields, South Tyneside. The group is made up of a group of twelve children from Marine Park school in South Shields who took part in the...

17 October 2014

Summer Reading Challenge and Children's University

Our partnership with The Children’s University means that children reading books for the Summer Reading Challenge are able to get their passports stamped at their local library and earn up to ten hours of Children’s University learning for completing the...

17 October 2014

A librarian's book recommendation gets James reading

James, 9, from Congelton in Cheshire, had never really been a reader; he was a typical boy who would rather play football. But in 2013 he heard about the Summer Reading Challenge at school. His mum, Katie, took him to...

17 October 2014

The Summer Reading Challenge gets children reading on the bus in East India

According to Vice Principal of KiiT International School in Bhubaneswar, East India, children no longer sleep on the bus, they read. And it’s all thanks to the Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge takes place in countries all over the...

17 October 2014

3,500 children take part in the Summer Reading Challenge in Thailand

The British Council has been running the Summer Reading Challenge in Thailand for the last 6 years and the children involved always look forward to it. This year was the biggest yet with almost 3,500 children from all over the...