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06 November 2019

Reading Friends Session Plan: The Lost Words

A plan for a themed Reading Friends session including ideas for activities and things to read, look at, and talk about for ‘the lost words’ book by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.

08 October 2019

Reading Friends stroke information resource

Information and advice to make your Reading Friends sessions suitable for someone who has experienced stroke.

26 September 2019

October 2019 Children's and Young People booklist - Powerful Poetry

To help you celebrate National Poetry Day on 3 October, we have created a booklist of our favourite works of poetry for children and young people. There are classics as well as newly published books – all selected to help...

26 September 2019

Reading Ahead 2018-19 Roll of honour

We would like to congratulate all organisations who have taken part in Reading Ahead over the past year for welcoming so many people to the world of reading and all the benefits that brings. Each year we produce a roll...

25 September 2019

Quick Reads back catalogue

Quick Reads began in 2006. Since then over 5 million copies of more than 100 titles have been distributed. The books have been loaned more than six million times through libraries. This document contains all of the titles published since 2006...

11 September 2019

The Wilbur & Niso Smith Adventure Writing resources

The Reading Agency has been working with The Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation to promote adventure writing. These resources are mainly targeted at students in further education and sixth form colleges who may also be taking part in Reading Ahead....

26 June 2019

Reading Friends Logo- White out version (Wales)

Download the Reading Friends Welsh logo for publicity of your Reading Friends projects. Please refer to our branding guidelines on usage.

06 June 2019

Reading Friends Four Stories Booklet

A booklet featuring the four stories highlighted in our film ‘Yarn, Natter, Blether’.

05 June 2019

Changemaker Reads

To celebrate National Reading Group Day on 15 June, we asked reading groups which books inspire them to change the world. Tackling themes of identity, discrimination and equality, these are some of the books that make you want to make...

03 May 2019

Reading Friends photo consent form

Consent forms for any images you take of Reading Friends activities. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit.

08 March 2019

International Women's Day 2019

This International Women’s Day we have come up with a list of twelve books that we hope express a small section of the enormous range of challenges faced by women across the world in the 21st century. Let us know...

28 February 2019

Summer Volunteering Training Toolkit

Resources to support libraries in training young volunteers during the Summer Reading Challenge and year-round. This pack includes: a training presentation for young people, a training guide for library staff, a guide to using a volunteering guide for young people, a sample volunteer agreement form

05 February 2019

Using the Reading Hack Website

A simple guide to navigating our young people’s website, This guide includes how to create a profile, join a hack, log volunteering hours, and download a skills letter. It can be used by library staff or young people.

04 February 2019

Get involved in Reading Well - schools, colleges & universities

A document containing information on how to run Reading Well in school, college and university settings.

08 January 2019

January 2019 Young People's booklist - Epic Tales (Myths and legends)

Our January Young People’s booklist – Myths and Legends This month we have been thinking about myths and legends and modern retellings of these stories. We have selected six books for young people which include three novels, two graphic novels and...

21 November 2018

Reading Friends evaluation infographic 2017-18

This document is a summary of the evaluation from the first year of Reading Friends.

09 November 2018

Evaluation of the Reading Ahead ESOL pilot

This reports on the third year of our project for prisoners with ESOL funded by The Bell Foundation and draws on evidence from the previous two years.

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 12 Fold-over story

Handout for Activity 12

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 9 International Etiquette Quiz

Handout for Activity 9

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 6 Alphabet poem

Handout for Activity 6

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 4 Reflections on learning English

Handout for Activity 4

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 3 Jokes and riddles

Handout for Activity 3

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing Activity 2 Flashcards of sayings

Handout for Activity 2

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing in prison Notes for workshop leaders

This is an overview of how to run a creative writing workshop with prisoners wtih ESOL.

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing in prison powerpoint

This is a powerpoint for use in a creative writing workshop.

07 November 2018

Final ESOL Creative writing in prison Guidance for workshop assistants

This is an overview of how to run a creative writing workshop with prisoners with ESOL.

07 November 2018

Words and Memories: Creative writing by ESOL learners

This collection of writing by prisoners whose first language is not English was produced over the course of six workshops in three UK prisons – HMP Downview, HMP High Down and HMP Thameside – between May and July 2018. ...

07 November 2018

ESOL Creative writing in prison materials pack

This is a pack of guidance for anyone wanting to run a creative writing workshop with prisoners whose first language is not English. It includes a powerpoint, notes for workshop leaders, guidance for workshop assistants and several handouts for...

07 November 2018

Creative activities for using with Reading Ahead for prisoners with ESOL

These seven documents provide a wide range of activities for using alongside Reading Ahead for prisoners with English as a Second Language or Additional Language. They have been created by David Kendall as part of a project funded by...

07 November 2018

Creative Activity 6 Reading Ahead Bingo

Playing with words.