Mind and Me: Going to Bat - digital resources

Our friends at Knights Of have some incredible digital resources to help celebrate Sunita Chawdhary’s Mind and Me: Going to Bat.

More about the book

Maya is excited to join Cricket Club at school, but between sports superstars, the big green monster, and her ACTUAL MUM coming to coach the team, she has a lot to handle. And on top of that, Mind thinks they’ve forgotten something important… like sending a letter to Grandad in India! Can Maya and Mind work it all out in time for their big cricket game?

Funny, and with heaps of heart, this is a delightful story for younger readers accompanied by beautiful and dynamic illustrations.

“An adorable mindfulness story with a splash of funny.”

- Rashmi Sirdeshpande

“A comedy double-act starring a young girl named Maya, and Mind, the physical manifestation of Maya’s emotions and mental state. There’s a relatable dynamic between the pair, with Mind hindering and helping Maya in equal measure, and the book serves as a great introduction to emotional literacy for younger readers.”

- CLPE Recommended Read

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