Kòkú Àkànbí and the Heart of Midnight – School Resources

In five days’ time, darkness will disappear forever, along with the magical creatures who inhabit it. One 13-year-old boy is the last hope for survival…

When Kòkú accidentally causes chaos by releasing a demon from a museum, he is sent away to Olórí – a place he’s supposed to call home, but barely remembers.

Koku finds himself in a land of endless sun and powerful tribes – and on the wrong side of a war. The ruling Ògún tribe is determined to destroy night and the magical creatures who need it. Kòkú is the only one who can stop them.

With new friends, Kòkú must enter the inky world of Jujuland and find the Heart of Midnight diamond. But they’ll have to move fast because if darkness disappears, the creatures will no longer exist, and Kòkú might not survive the night…

An epic new fantasy series inspired by West African mythology, from debut author Maria Motúnráyọ̀ Adébísí and featuring comic-book style illustrations.

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