Game Changer: A Rocky of the Rovers Novel by Tom Palmer - Activity Pack

Kick-off your reading with Roy of the Rovers, and his sister, Rocky Race! Roy of the Rovers is the action-packed football series that spans both illustrated fiction titles and graphic novels across sixteen exciting books!

Roy and his sister Rocky are ordinary teenagers, but with big dreams for playing for their local team, The Melchester Rovers! But making the cut is the first hurdle to the top, as the footballing siblings have to deal with a whole heap of problems both on the pitch and off it! With Roy becoming star striker, follow the story with a cast of diverse and exciting characters as Roy is taken to his personal and footballing limits, whilst Rocky must work out just where her footballing future lies.

Throughout the series, each book also tackles life issues that young readers also face in their daily lives. From coping with anxiety, stomping out racism, trying to perform under pressure, and even grief, loss, and death, Roy and Rocky will show young readers they aren’t alone in facing their problems with role models to learn from on how to manage or overcome their issues.

With each illustrated fiction title authored by award-winning children’s author Tom Palmer and each graphic novel from award-winning comic book writer Rob Williams, prepare for a reading adventure like no other! Perfect for readers aged 7-12, the Roy of the Rovers series will appeal to reluctant readers and avid ones alike!

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