Love Being You Children’s Mental Health Week - POS pack and digital resources

Love Being You by Beth Cox and Natalie Costa, Illustrated by Vicky Barker

The ideal series for Children’s Mental Health Week, LEVEL HEADERS is designed to help children aged 6-9 learn about their mental health in a positive framework, with no blame or shame. Tried and tested techniques practised by Confidence Coach Natalie Costa are at the heart of these activity books, designed to help children find their power and stretch their confidence.

The latest book in the series, Love Being You, focuses on helping children learn how to take up space in the world and love being themselves. With 15 activities based on tried, and tested methods, this book is perfect for children who need a confidence boost to see that they are special… inside and out!

The Love Being You digital pack includes:

- Downloadable Level Headers Activity Pack, full of printable activities from the LEVEL HEADERS books to do in a reading group or to take home
- Downloadable postcard
- An exclusive video from the series co-author (and BBC Bitesize Super Tutor) Natalie Costa, chatting through one of the activities from Love Being You!

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