Nature's Treasures by Ben Hoare - digital pack (including videos)

Wherever you are in the world there are natural treasures to be found. Our planet is filled with curious objects made by plants, animals and even by the Earth itself. All you need to do is look carefully and you can find treasures in the most unexpected places – even in towns and cities.

Ben Hoare is passionate about nature and in Nature’s Treasures he has collected 100 intriguing items and reveals the fascinating stories behind them. Find out how bristly mouths help huge whales capture tiny animals, how minute scales make butterflies shine in the sunlight, and how studying a leaf skeleton can tell us how it transports food. The perfect book to inspire young nature lovers everywhere.

Winter is a great time to get outside and search for treasures and DK have created an exclusive digital asset pack to inspire families to take part in a Nature’s Treasure Hunt this Christmas. It includes:

- A Nature’s Treasure Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet
- A video of the author Ben showing you one of the treasures he’s found
- A time-lapse animation showing how Kaley McKean created this beautiful illustration of an owl for Nature’s Treasures
- Social media assets

Download the Nature’s Treasures digital pack from this One Drive and this Google Drive.

We would love to see you enjoying the resources on social media using #NaturesTreasures and/or #MyNaturesTreasure and DKBooks and readingagency.

Please note the competition has now closed.

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