Parentkind and The Reading Agency - Reading as a Family: Top tips for reading together resources

Reading for pleasure delivers enormous benefits for children of all ages. It builds reading and literacy confidence as well as influencing children’s health and wellbeing, future academic achievement and adult life chances. Evidence shows that families can play a key role in helping develop a reading for pleasure habit, but it’s not always easy to motivate children who lack confidence or enthusiasm for reading.

Our webinar discussion with Parentkind can be seen here. It was a chance to hear from an expert panel about the importance of families to children’s reading and ways to motivate your little ones. It will look at key benefits and practical tips for reading together, showcase fun, family-oriented incentives such as The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge and aim to answer any questions you have about why reading together matters and how you can get your children – and whole family – hooked on books.

More resources and support

You can find more Reading for Pleasure from the Open University here.

For more poetry writing exercises check out the ‘Poetry Classroom’ on Joseph Coelho’s website.

For more Summer Reading Challenge resources you can visit our resource page and the Home Zone and School Zone on the Summer Reading Challenge website.

If you are looking for book recommendations then you may want to check out our Silly Squad book collection.

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