The Wizards of Once - KS2 resources

Cressida Cowell’s aim as Waterstones Children’s Laureate is to encourage EVERY child to read for fun and get something out of books. Full of magic and wonder, adventure and danger, friendship and family, her latest series, _The Wizards of Once_, is the perfect series to get children excited about reading. These comprehensive resources are an excellent way to get children to engage with the text in a fun and educational way.

Cressida has a passion for developing the creative intelligence of children and she believes that reading allows the reader to grow three superpowers:
• Creativity
• Empathy
• Intelligence

She explains that the magic of books is partly about the words, but also, importantly, what happens in the reader’s imagination.

These resources created by Reading Rocks aim to focus on those three superpowers and to explore and enjoy the reader’s own imagination.

About The Wizards of Once series

Set in an ancient, magical time, full of Wizards, Warriors, Giants and Sprites, The Wizards of Once series is the story of a young boy Wizard called Xar and a young girl Warrior called Wish. Wizards and Warriors are taught from birth to hate each other like poison, but this is the thrilling tale of what happens when Xar and Wish’s worlds collide…

Perfect for boys and girls who love fantasy adventure!

Find out more about the individual books in the series here:
The Wizards of Once
Twice Magic
Knock Three Times

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