A Darkness of Dragons - Teacher resource and activity pack

A Darkness of Dragons

In a world of dragons, song spells, pipers and battles…

Patch Brightwater is a boy in disgrace. Thrown in jail for playing a forbidden spell, he is no one’s idea of a hero. But then he discovers a deadly truth – the evil Piper of Hamelyn is on the loose.
With the help of Wren, a girl cursed to live as a rat, and Barver, a fire-breathing dracogriff, Patch must stop the Piper sparking the biggest battle of them all. Three accidental heroes versus one legendary villain… an epic adventure is born.

As selected for Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month November 2018.

Patch truly believes in the power of piping. So to inspire the next generation of Pipers we enlisted the help of composer Anthony Marks to bring the music of A Darkness of Dragons to life. And you can join in! Simply listen to the music at Usborne Quicklinks, and learn how to play it on a recorder using the downloadable resources.

The full A Darkness of Dragons resources pack includes:
• A Character poster to print and display
• Book Club questions
• The Songs of Magic Recorder music to learn and play
• Design Your Own Magical Musical instrument activity sheet
• Make Your Own A Darkness of Dragons Paper Plane activity sheet

Have you cast a musical song of magic? Share your activity sessions with us @Usborne #ADarknessofDragons.

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