Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll - Activity Pack and Competition

Secrets of a Sun King

London, 1922

A discovery from ancient Egypt…
A cursed package…
The untold story of a young pharaoh…

When Lilian Kaye finds a parcel on her grandad’s doorstep, she is shocked to see who sent it: a famous Egyptologist, found dead that very morning, according to every newspaper in England!

The mysterious package holds the key to a story… about a king whose tomb archaeologists are desperately hunting for.

Lil and her friends must embark on an incredible journey – to return the package to its resting place, to protect those they love, and to break the deadly pharaoh’s curse…

Emma Carroll’s latest book was Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month for August 2018 and has been getting brilliant reviews.

The pack is perfect for Chatterbooks groups in public libraries and classes.

Included in the pack is:

- A sheet where they have to write a story about being on an adventure and discovering a tomb in Egypt
- Imagine they were alive in Ancient Egypt and draw the items they’d have in their tomb
- Design a jar with a design fit to go inside the tomb of Tutankhamun
- Use the hieroglyphic alphabet to write their name in hieroglyphs
- Plan an expedition activity


For your chance to win a signed copy of Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, all you have to do is decorate an ornate design onto a jar.

You can download the activity pack (the competition sheet is on page 3) and then children can get drawing!

You can send Kimberley photographs or scans of the entries.

Or by post, to
*Kimberley Sheehan,
Stripes Competition
The Reading Agency,
60 Farringdon Road,

Terms and Conditions

- You have until Friday 28 September to enter.
- The Competition is open to UK residents only, and entrants must be 13 years or younger.
- The judges will select a winner from all entries and their decision is final.

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