Aliens Invaded My Talent Show! by Matt Brown - Activity Sheets

Aliens Invaded My Talent Show!

Eric Doomsday loves doing magic tricks. But even though his best friend, Vinnie Mumbles, thinks they’re great, they do always seem to go a bit… wrong. When some very important School Inspectors threaten to close down Eric’s school, his headmistress decides to put on a talent show.

A talent show with Eric in it. And Eric’s magic tricks. Thank goodness the Earth isn’t being inspected by aliens at the same time! Because magic, aliens and talent shows are sure to be a horrible mix…

Aren’t they?

Usborne have created two great activity sheets to celebrate the release of this book.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown is NOT an alien, repeat, he is NOT an alien. Well, unless you’re reading this from a planet other than Earth, in which case Matt Brown IS an alien.

Matt lives with his family in a house in Buckinghamshire, England, the UK, Europe, the Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Universe. He has two sausage dogs (Bea and Ziggy) and two chickens (Rita and Twinklez). He’s pretty sure there are some worms and slugs in his garden but he doesn’t know their names so doesn’t consider them to be technically part of his family.

Matt was once bitten by a dolphin and Aliens Invaded My Talent Show! is his fifth book.

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