Women in Translation Month - Reading List

Did you know that less than a third of all literary translations published in the UK and the US were originally written by women? Did you know that women writers win far fewer prizes for their translated books than male writers?

Women in Translation Month is all about appreciating the great women writers who do get translated – and of course the people who bring them to us, their translators and publishers. It’s an opportunity to join in a worldwide conversation about outstanding writing from all over the globe. This month libraries and bookshops in the UK, US, Germany, France and New Zealand are highlighting translated books by women.

Download the full list from the link below. You can get involved on Twitter using #WITMonth, or just take part by reading a book.

Women around the world are writing explicitly feminist fiction like Angélica Gorodischer from Argentina, bringing us family stories like France’s Marie NDiaye, exploring historical issues like Chinese writer Yan Geling or sexuality like Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay from India, or giving us intercultural crime novels like Finland’s Kati Hiekkapelto. Despite their relative rarity in English, translated women offer a wealth of diversity.

The team behind Women in Translation Month has put together an extensive, although by no means exhaustive, list of books by women in translation from around the world. Use it to inspire your summer reading, organise a themed reading group or discuss favourite translated reads with others.

If you’ve read any of the titles on the list, leave a review or let people know on Twitter using #WITmonth

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