Reading Friends 2021-22: Reach and Impact

Reading Friends uses reading as a platform to generate conversation, share stories, life experiences and perspectives, in a fun and welcoming environment. This approach ensures that Reading Friends participants and befrienders can not only meet new people, but also create long-lasting connections and, in many cases, friendships.

In 2021 to 2022, Reading Friends made a positive difference to people’s lives using the power of reading – supporting people with their wellbeing, creating meaningful connections, reducing loneliness and engaging more people in reading together for pleasure.

Working together with public libraries, the programme had a strong impact on communities. As a result of taking part in Reading Friends 87% of participants felt more connected to other people and agreed the programme:

  • Added purpose to their week 78%
  • Increased their life satisfaction 75%
  • Helped them feel less lonely 71%
  • Increased their confidence to try new things 70%

In 2021-22, 3,728 people were supported across 72 library authorities to connect 44,054 times.

These connections were made possible through a concerted focus on accessibility, ensuring that as many people as possible were provided with the opportunity to take part in Reading Friends. Public libraries and their partners ran inclusive and mixed-ability sessions for people in their local community, reaching all age groups, as well as audiences who may experience barriers to their reading, accessing resources and social support.

A large proportion of library authorities hosted Reading Friends sessions with older adults (79%), adults (60%), people with mental health conditions (42%), people with disabilities and other support needs (35%), people living with dementia (33%), clinically vulnerable or shielding groups (31%) and many others.

Amid ongoing social distancing restrictions, public libraries and their partners continued to ensure that different platforms for delivery were available to their audiences. Participants, befrienders and project staff connected in different ways, including:

  • 73% in-person at the library
  • 62% over the phone
  • 31% on online video calls
  • 19% in person at another community organisation
  • 17% in person at home
  • 6% online or through social media

Read our full reach and impact report and find out more about the programme here.

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