Uplifting resources: for the NHS, from the NHS

Health Education England and The Reading Agency have created a crowd-sourced uplifting book collection and a supporting list of digital resources, all recommended by NHS staff, for NHS staff.

The collection launched as part of Health Information Week and contains ten books that have been recommended via a survey circulated by the NHS. The final list was selected by a panel of NHS staff.

The book collection contains fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and a supporting collection of uplifting digital resources, including poems, websites, videos and apps, can be accessed here.

Book cover of Three Things About Elsie

Three Things About Elsie

Joanna Cannon

Book cover of Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Geoffrey Trousselot

Book cover of The Lido

The Lido

Libby Page

Book cover of Calypso


David Sedaris

Book cover of Happiness FM

Happiness FM

Mary Dickins

Book cover of The Salt Path

The Salt Path

Raynor Winn

Book cover of The Lost Spells

The Lost Spells

Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris

The Reading Agency

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