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We work with health professionals and health organisations to provide accredited, helpful reading to support health and wellbeing. The collections and accompanying resources span topics like mental health, common and long-term health conditions like dementia, and children’s and teen’s wellbeing. Health providers and social prescribers can recommend books from our Reading Well lists to complement treatment or support people on waitlists. People can also visit their local library and borrow Reading Well titles on their own. 

Beyond prescribing books, we supply posters, leaflets, and other materials to help providers promote the availability of these helpful resources. The goal is to make evidence-based reading easily accessible to those who need it, whether they find their way there through the healthcare system or their community library.  

Our programmes allow health practitioners to offer an additional layer of support while enabling public libraries to better serve community needs around wellness and recovery. 


Contact info@readingagency or find out how you can get involved in our programmes below.  

Reading Well

Helping people to understand and manage their health and wellbeing using recommended reading

NHS uplifting resources

Uplifting resources: for the NHS, from the NHS

See our crowd-sourced uplifting book collection recommended by NHS staff, for NHS staff, made in partnership with Health Education England.

Your Health Collection

See our collection of books and resources to support users of health and prison libraries, made in partnership with Health Education England.

The Reading Agency

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