How do we look?

You may have noticed that The Reading Agency looks and feels a little bit different. We’ve recently refreshed how we look and talk about ourselves as we start to deliver our 2023-2026 strategy. Together, with our Board and collaborators, we have asked the big question ‘what is our purpose?’ Our bold new visual identity is a part of that and reflects who we are and our vision: to get more people fired up about reading, because everything changes when we read.

Over the next three years, The Reading Agency aims to change 5 million lives for the better by promoting reading as a crucial tool for developing skills, improving wellbeing, and bringing people together.

Some of our main goals include:

  • Deepening engagement in communities and working to understand local needs and barriers to reading.
  • Continuing to gather strong evidence on the impact of our programs through rigorous research.
  • Ensuring diverse voices and interests are represented in our work by extending our partnerships, so we reflect the passions and needs of our audiences.
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues through reading.

    We’ll be scaling up flagship programs like our Summer Reading Challenge and Quick Reads, while also testing initiatives like family reading in prisons. We’ll also be creating more personalised reading initiatives to combat loneliness and social isolation and innovating digital platforms and content for people to access the power of reading.

    At the heart of everything we do is our very special relationship and collaboration with public libraries across the UK. As community anchors, our library partners are central in making reading accessible for all, and we look forward to deepening our relationship with them and our other fantastic charity and commercial partners who help make our work happen.

We know the work we do makes a real difference, and we want to share more of it with you as we embark on this next chapter. Reading has the power to change lives and, together, we can inspire a lifelong love of reading in millions more people over the next three years.

The Reading Agency

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