What is Chatterbooks?

Chatterbooks reading clubs help children build a lifelong reading habit. Because everything changes when we read. 
The groups are run by librarians, teachers, teaching assistants, or volunteers – anyone with a passion for reading. Chatterbooks is a flexible model that can be used with children from 4 up to 12, for all different abilities and in targeted or mixed groups. There are typically 10 to 15 children in a Chatterbooks club. In a library setting, Chatterbooks reading clubs often meet monthly. In a school setting, the clubs meet weekly or fortnightly. 

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Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education 

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1 in 4 children don’t reach the expected level of reading by the age of 11

Get involved

To run a Chatterbooks reading club, you need a meeting space, a session plan, and books for the children to borrow.

We offer free downloadable activity packs each month, plus recommended book lists on different themes.

Each session should last a minimum of 40 minutes (many Chatterbooks clubs meet for 1 to 1.5 hours).

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“I’ve always been a total bookworm and practically lived in my local library when I was a child. I wish I’d been able to join a Chatterbooks reading group then. It would have been such fun to make new friends and discuss all our favourite books. Lots of members write to me and send me their stories and drawings and book reviews – they obviously love being part of a Chatterbooks group.”  

– Dame Jacqueline Wilson
Here are five top tips for when you’re starting off your club
  • Buy a Chatterbooks group leader’s toolkit, or invest in a training day for staff. [LINK]
  • Sign up to our Children and Young People’s Reading News newsletter [LINK]
  • If you work in a school, contact your local library and School Library Service and plan what you can do together. 
  • Have a mix of activities available for each meeting (look out for our themed activity packs and publisher promotions. 
  • Ask the children what they want to read and talk about – Chatterbooks is their club! 
  • Read our Chatterbooks FAQs [LINK]

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