Reading changes everything. We need your help to continue our work to empower more people to read.

Fundraising ideas

Organising a fundraising event doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together some ideas here, but feel free to think up your own, and don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing!

  • Bake Sale: Host a cake sale at your local library or bookshop. Include raffles and games to engage the visitors
  • Read-a-thon: Gather sponsors who pledge to donate based on the number of pages read during a short time period.
  • Book Quiz: Hold a book quiz evening in your local pub or another venue. Charge everyone an entry fee and test your knowledge!
  • Sponsored walk: Gather sponsors for a group walk with your colleagues or reading group.
  • Book Sale: Compile your groups unwanted books and take them to a car boot! 50 books sold for £1 each would make £50!

Fundraising materials

Download our fundraising guide to find ideas, tips and materials to get you started on your fundraising journey. [link]

Take a look at our posters, shareable social media assets and DIY bunting template to help you host a successful fundraiser [link]

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