The Boy in the Dress bookcover

The Boy in the Dress

David Walliams, Quentin Blake

The sparkling debut children’s novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children’s author in the country.

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My favourite character is boy in the dress because I think its funny when he wears a dress.

I like the character Dennis as he likes other stuff that other people might make fun of him for and he is not afraid to show that to Lisa I would recommend it to others as it is a very interesting story and it teaches you that whatever you want to do you can do it

It was funny. The boy misses his mum who left. In the book he started wearing a dress to school and as it went on, nearly all the boys and men in the book are wearing dresses.

It was really interesting because Dennis would like to try on a dress

Lisa was my favourite character because she had lots of pretty dresses. I would rate this book as 3/5.

It was interesting as a boy well not all and not should not wear a dress but this isnt something very natuaral to see on a days stroll so i thought it was quite cool and i also thought it was very funny and intreiging

Funny book I enjoyed

Loved it


A short, sweet story with friendships that I thought provided a very good model for young readers. Unfortunately I felt that the constant almost-fatphobia and the strange section at the end where the protagonist and his friend blackmail the headteacher take away from the story's positive messages (finding your identity, self-expression, self-acceptance, etc.).

I liked Deniss the best because he is the best striker in the school.

It was ok

I loved this one a lot

I liked this book because it was funny and made me laugh a lot

My favourite character was Lisa because she opened Dennises eyes to fashion and fun. I would recommend this book because it’s light-hearted fun.

this was admittedly funny but the best part is when the whole team come out in dresses and drive the head teacher mad. And when he dresses in one too.

This book is funny. It has lots of drama in it and I loved it!

I love this book because it was very funny it made me laugh a couple of times because it was funny because he war a dress

I like how the boy wears a dress and fools everyone and then they all play football wearing dresses.

I enjoyed this book because I like David Williams books. In the book it shows that boys can wear girls clothes and girls can wear boys clothes.

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