The Dog that Saved the World (Cup) bookcover

The Dog that Saved the World (Cup)

Phil Earle, Elisa Paganelli

A four-legged hero risks it all to make his best friend’s dream come true in this touching adventure of family, football and beating the odds.

Pickles the dog and his owner Elsie love football more than anything. And they’ve just heard the most amazing news. The World Cup is coming home to England and Elsie’s team have a chance to play in a half-time match at Wembley – with some help from Pickles, of course! But life off the pitch is tough, even when Dad works hard to provide what they need. It’s their team of three against the world and right now it feels like they’re losing. So when disaster strikes and Elsie’s dreams of playing at Wembley are shattered, it’s up to Pickles to save the world (cup) …

Latest reviews

So funny with a great ending

Love this book

I wish I had a dog called Pickles.

it made me impressed because I am usually scared of dogs but she is different and of course football is not my favourite sport but I still like it

Loved that the dog saved the world cup.

I thought this book was really interesting and really brings awareness to homelessness and struggles. I really love how the book is written in the perspective of the dog and Pickles is really positive. I wonder what the book would be like from the perspective of Elsie or Dad...

Great nice book

pickles the dog

My favourite character is Pickles the dog because he saved the world cup. I highly

I enjoyed this story and pickles the dog was my favorite charcter

I really liked the book!

It was a good book and i like it. Pickles the dog is a friendly dog and the owner loves pickles. So i will recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and sports.

I thought it was funny how a dog could find the World Cup but the police could not .

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