Poems Aloud: An Anthology of Poems to Read Out Loud bookcover

Poems Aloud: An Anthology of Poems to Read Out Loud

Joseph Coelho, Daniel Gray-Barnett

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A selection of poems, some silly some serious, some to read in different voices, tongue twisters and some that rhyme. Lovely colourful pages and illustrations. Lots of parts for children to join in and read aloud together. Repetition in parts. In the poem 'to the countryside' there are many opportunities for children to join in with the noises made. 'This Bear' is a nice poem about a Bear leaving captivity and having the freedom of the wild. Contains lots of good adjectives and metaphors and an inspiring read for the children looking to develop their writing skills. 'Emotions' is also an excellent poem for how children may he feeling. The children can listen/read the poem and relate to which emotion they are currently feeling. May be a good option for pshe lessons. I would recommend if you are looking for a poetry book that is a good mix of funny and well written poetry.

Great fun to read aloud with beautiful and colourful illustrations

I love poems and they're really good poems in this book.

It was a funny book about poems

funny poems

Hard to get into, but introduces children into the world of performing arts.

Absolutely brilliant. I read these poems with my nieces who are 9 and 11 and we all loved them. We particularly liked the poems to whisper and the riddles. There are lost of different poems here and they aren't all funny, but they are all fun. A great collection.

The is a primary school must read for all ages! This collection of poems will provide hours of fun and opportunities to explore a range of poetry. My favourites include ‘Speedy Rocket’ and ‘Shock-a-dile Crocodile’. Just brilliant! Children, teachers and parents will LOVE this amazing book. Highly recommend!

I would highly recommend this book! It takes you through all the different ways poems can be written and performed, highlighting how they are made interesting or humorous. I couldn't put the book down. Definitely a great resource for school.

Enjoyed this book of poems, appreciated the introduction at the beginning explaining how it should be read, to make the best of the poem. My favourite poem was ' The Shockadile Crocodile!' because of the repetition and audience participation, one to have fun with!

I love slime plots a plan because is funny

Love the way each section of poems has a little explanation of how to read them aloud. A quick read but heaps of ideas for the classroom!

This book is my favourite poetry book I have read! As a drama lover, it is a wonderful book of performance poems where it is lovely to see children engaging and performing with such expression! The poems are modern but also incorporate some traditional ideas. The poems have written instructions which can instruct performance and help teachers/ children who are less confident with poetry. The children in my class absolute love these poems, particularly, the "Shock-a-dile Crocodile"! I would recommend to all KS1 children and teachers.

Such an inviting and delightful poetry book for all ages!

I really enjoyed this interesting book and I also strongly recommend it too.

I loved this book a bit

I like the tongue twisters my favourite with the one about planets

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