Back to school with Hedrin!

This year, Hedrin sponsored the Summer Reading Challenge Home Zone. Below you’ll find all their top tips on adjusting to the back to school routine!

After the longest school holiday on record the kids are back in their classrooms. There’ll be excitement, nerves and a few tears (mainly of joy) but it will be a new challenge for everyone. Here are our top tips for easing back into term life, from adjusting to new routines to checking for those pesky head lice.

Preparing for the new school term

Whether your child has been to school before or is starting for the very first time, there’s bound to be lots of anxieties for you both. It won’t be long before you’re right back into the usual school routine, but here are a few tips to help that transition go as smoothly as possible.

  • Reduce lockdown habits – We’ve all slipped into some habits that made life easier for everyone in lockdown – lie ins, unhealthy snacks and more screen time than usual. Start to slowly reduce these with earlier bedtimes to prevent tiredness at school, healthy lunchboxes and switching screens for books (or even homework!).
  • Keep family time – The kids are used to you being around 24/7 and while it’s nice to have a break when they’re at school (cue peace and quiet) they will still appreciate spending quality time with you. Make an hour in the evening to eat, read or play together and you’ll all reap the benefits.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – Everyone’s in the same boat after what feels like an eternity away from school. If you forget to pack a book or your child struggles to adjust in the first few weeks, that’s absolutely normal. You’re doing a great job, and your kids will recognise that.

Once a Week Take a Peek

It’s likely head lice will be on the increase again now kids are back together and in close contact with those they’ve not seen for some time.

Did you know?

  • Head lice don’t have any wings. They live in scalps and hold onto the hair
  • Despite what people think head lice can’t jump. They spread when heads come into contact
  • Head lice are grey-ish in colour and 2-3mm in size
  • Adult lice can live up to a month, laying 5-6 eggs a day
  • Nits are the empty egg cases left on the hair after the lice have hatched

Checking for critters

Remember our saying; Once a Week, Take a Peek. Checking regularly will help catch lice early so you can treat as soon as possible. Add it to your Sunday night school prep or after a school club so it becomes part of your routine. For a step-by-step guide on how to check properly visit

Treat as soon as possible

If you find living lice on your child, it’s important to act fast but there’s no need to panic. Hedrin’s All-In-One Shampoo kills lice in just 5 minutes, makes louse egg removal easy (more than twice as effective as combing)* and it also leaves hair clean and fresh.

Prevent any returning visitors

Now you’re a pro at checking and treating, you might want to think about ways to stop those pesky head lice making an unwanted appearance.

  • If your child has long hair, keep it tied up when at school or out playing with friends. French plaits are a nightmare for lice and mean you can very easily keep an eye on anything moving.
  • Minimise head-to-head contact as much as possible.
  • Try Hedrin’s Protect & Go spray – a fruity conditioning spray, clinically proven to help protect against head lice. Apply after every hair wash or at least twice a week for best results.

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