A Chapter A Day: Short stories and poems to build a reading habit

This World Book Night, we are more aware than ever before that the constant distractions in our 21st century world are preventing people from reading as much as they would like to.

This is why we are launching A Chapter A Day, a challenge which encourages the nation to make time to read a few pages of a book every day, building up to one, or a few chapters. We hope that the challenge will help people across the UK get back into the reading habit.

We know that getting started with anything can be the hardest bit. So in addition to our World Book Night booklist, we have twelve recommendations of short stories and poetry aimed at anyone looking to read something quick and fun, perhaps on the commute to and from work. Let us know how you are enjoying the books, and tell us your own recommendations, via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Cut Off by Mark Billingham
A woman’s life takes a sinister turn after she loses her phone in this Quick Read.

The Great Cornish Getaway by Fern Britton
A stranger arrives in sunny Cornwall in need of a safe haven. It’s not long before he’s helping some of the villagers find the answers to their own problems. In return, they find a place for him in their hearts.

Clean Break by Tammy Cohen
A dark and twisty portrait of a marriage coming to its bitter end by the bestselling crime writer.

Inspector Chopra and the Million-Dollar Motor Car by Vaseem Khan
Inspector Chopra and his elephant sidekick have two days to solve the mystery of a missing – and very costly – car.

The Beach Wedding by Dorothy Koomson
Tessa is thrilled when her daughter arrives in Ghana to get married, but memories of the last time she was there haunt her.

Six Foot Six by Kit de Waal
Everything changes for Timothy, a 21 year-old with learning difficulties, when local builder Charlie calls on him for help.

Rhythm and Poetry by Karl Nova
This collection reflects on the author’s journey of growth from childhood to adulthood through the lens of Hip Hop culture.

A Change Is Gonna Come by Various
An anthology of stories and poetry on the theme of change featuring Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers for Young Adults.

The Last Hedgehog by Pam Ayres
A hilarious and thought-provoking elegy to that most beloved inhabitant of the British countryside, the common hedgehog.

Heaven on Earth: 101 Happy Poems by Wendy Cope
A collection of poems which is unashamedly happy: on love, places, the beauty of the natural world, music, food and drink and books.

Miss Marple: the Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie
Miss Marple uses her unique insight to deduce the truth about a series of unsolved crimes.

Different Seasons by Stephen King
In this classic collection of four novellas, King takes you on irresistible journeys into the far reaches of horror, heartache and hope.

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