National Libraries Week

At The Reading Agency we believe that reading should be accessible to everyone and our work with libraries makes this possible. National Libraries Week (9-14 October) is a time to celebrate everything they achieve and their importance to the UK as a whole.

Over 1,000 libraries have organised events and activities this week, so it’s the perfect time to find out what your local library has to offer. Here are just a few stories of people of all ages who have taken part in our programmes at libraries.

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge attracts more than 700,000 children to libraries every year.

“Amazing, I love reading books but I really pushed myself this time and challenged myself on bigger, longer books. I loved the fun in the library and enjoyed receiving my rewards. My brother and sister enjoyed our library visits too and we all helped each other choose books.”

Phoebe, aged 9

Reading Hack

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Reading Hack is a programme led by young people aged 13 to 24 who do reading activities and volunteering to gain skills and experience.

“What makes my library special is that it is a social hub for the community. It is important to me because it has given me confidence and given me chances to do things I thought I would never do. It has changed my life for the better by giving me the opportunity to attend events I would never have thought of going to and given me brilliant experiences.

“This year I was nominated for a local young volunteer award, which I won! I am so proud that the library nominated me and that I am appreciated for everything I do, when I get so much enjoyment from being involved and part of it all.”

Mikey, Reading Hack volunteer in Staffordshire

Reading Well

Reading Well helps people to understand and manage their health and wellbeing using helpful reading, available at public libraries across England. The books are all endorsed by health experts, as well as people with living with the conditions covered and their relatives and carers.

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“Our village library is small and friendly, but as I handed over my prescription, I remember thinking that the librarian would be yet another person who’d know I hadn’t coped. But the library staff were wonderful. While I was there I mentioned that I felt in the Dark Ages with my computer skills. The librarian signed me up for lessons and showed me how I could find other books on wellbeing.”

Carole, Leicestershire

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Over a thousand libraries are running events and activities to celebrate National Libraries Week. Head to your local library to find out more

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